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Highline Wellness

Pain Cream

This lightly cooling, non-sticky formula is packed with 150mg of organic, broad-spectrum cannabinoid oil. This cream is quickly absorbed by your skin cell receptors to instantly boost endocannabinoid levels and deliver soothing relief wherever needed most.
Total CBD: 150mg - 500mg
Broad Spectrum
Papa & Barkley

Hemp Balm

Relax from everyday stresses - rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. This soothing, relieving salve is made from all-natural ingredients grown on Colorado farms.
Total CBD: 180mg
Full Spectrum
Dr. Kerklaan

Natural CBD Relief Cream

Topical relief to ease discomfort, tension, and stiffness.
Total CBD: 90mg, 180mg
Full Spectrum
Plant People

Plant Balm

Plant Balm is formulated with organic, full spectrum hemp extract, high in CBD, and activating botanicals. We crafted our salve for anybody with an aching body and athletes looking for effective muscle recovery relief.
Total CBD: 400mg
Full Spectrum

RASA Restorative Potion

This formula combines the immense power of adaptogenic plants as well as well known Ayurvedic and Western nervine herbs to produce an overall balancing effect.
Total CBD: 50mg-250mg
Full Spectrum