Hemp CBD is Legal

CBD that has been extracted from hemp is legal nationwide and has been since the Agriculture Improvement Act was passed in 2018. This regulation lifts a federal ban on hemp that had previously classified the plant as a controlled substance. Hemp was legalized due to its many beneficial applications, and because it contains 0.3% or less of the regulated intoxicant, THC. Fortunately for us, hemp produces CBD as well as other therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes considered holistically beneficial.

Hemp CBD regulation is still being formed

Though technically legal, available hemp CBD products are not strictly regulated yet. It’s of the utmost importance that consumers know what to look for in a quality hemp CBD product.

The FDA has not yet ruled on whether hemp CBD can be considered a food ingredient or a supplement. To complicate matters, the product Epidiolex was approved by the FDA as a pure CBD pharmaceutical for use on patients with rare forms of Epilepsy. It could take a long time for the FDA to solidify regulation of over-the-counter CBD-infused products, so some states have expedited legislation by either moving to fully legalize and regulate CBD-infused food and supplements (as in Colorado) or completely ban over-the-counter CBD products (as in South Dakota).

Cannabis CBD legality varies by state

CBD products derived from cannabis - whether they contain THC or not - must be purchased and sold at a licensed dispensary in a state in which medical and/or recreational cannabis is legal.

Where we stand

Ivyside maintains that all products we sell are completely legal, are produced by trusted suppliers, and are verified through third-party testing to be accurately labeled, clean, safe, and effective.