Dosing CBD

Everyone responds differently to CBD. The desired relief we use it for, what product formats we use, how often we use it, and how much we take varies a lot between individuals. Ongoing research is in the process of uncovering patterns in therapeutic use of CBD for a variety of purposes. For now, there is no one-size-fits-all recommendation, but here are some tips to help you find your ideal dose:

Tracking responses

Journaling or taking notes on how you feel after each use of CBD should help you compare experiences and find your ideal balance. Experiment with different product formats and dosages, and be sure to keep track of what you learn along the way.

Start with a low dose

Start with a very small dose. Typically this means 1-2 drops of a tincture, a fraction of an edible, or a small puff of a vaporizer. As you continue to use CBD, steadily increase the dosage until you achieve an optimal experience.

Increase dosage slowly

Repeat each dose for 5-7 days before you implement dosage increases. If and when you do consume more, do so in small increments of 2-4mg at a time.

Be consistent

Use CBD regularly to fully understand how a specific dosage works for you and how desired effects change with exposure over time.

Be patient

It can take anywhere from a week to a month for your body to begin responding to CBD.

Consult your doctor

Consult a medical professional about any health concerns as well as drug and supplement interactions related to CBD.